Broadway Historic District Board

The Broadway Historic District Board is comprised of nine members elected by popular vote at the Board meeting each October. Each term runs for three years, beginning with the November meeting after each election. Members may run again after their second, three-year term expires after being off the Board for one year.

Cathie Macdonald, President
733 23rd St., Rock Island
(309) 752-8772
Term ends 2017

Dylan Parker, Vice President
(563) 940-6073 Term ends 2018

Tyler Pannell, Secretary
(309) 235-6545
Term ends 2019

Marsha Harmon, Treasurer
Term ends 2018

Bridget Ehrmann
(309) 558-7684
Term ends 2019

Lindsay Hocker
(309) 912-5595
lindsayhocker@gmail.comTerm ends 2017

Steve McAtee
(309) 306-2207
Term ends 2019

Megan Quinn
(309) 788-9263
MeganQuinn@augustana.comTerm ends 2018

Jonas Winn
(309) 716-2833
Term ends 2017


Mailing Address

P.O. Box 5362
Rock Island, IL  61204-5362


Rock Island Aldermen

Dylan Parker
Fifth Ward Alderman

Ivory Deaon Clark
First Ward Alderman
(309) 235-8156

Check out which ward you live in through the city's ward map.

Inspections - Report a Problem

Use this online form to alert the city of a problem with trash/junk/rubbish, vacant properties, graffiti, or weeds/high grass.

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